Wednesday 14th June 2017 


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Welcome and opening remarks from the Chairperson

    Dr Robert Edmonson, Master Executive Coach, Paradigm21 Group

How to implement a winning digital HR strategy


An effective HR program is well planned and well executed, from the research and development phase to implementation and evaluation. This session will discuss the elements of a successful digital transformation strategy.

  • The key ingredients of a successful digital implementation
  • How to anticipate and overcome challenges and roadblocks to successful execution
  • Implementing a digital HR strategy across departments and divisions

Maria Hui, HR Director, Microsoft


The rise of global background screening – Finding the right balance

    In an increasingly globalised landscape, the importance of background screening has never been more imperative. Organisations need to have robust risk management processes that help to maintain reputation, integrity and ethical standards.
  • The global dilemma – what can and should you include in your screening program?
  • Identifying current screening trends in Asia Pacific
  • How to ensure screening does not compromise employer branding – Best practices
  • The digital transformation of screening – Creating a more enhanced, mobile, and transparent candidate experience

Patrick Liang, Director, Account Management and Sales, Asia Pacific, HireRight


PANEL: How to retain high performers in 2017


High-performing employees are in hot demand in today’s economy so it’s crucial to have a solid plan in place to engage and retain your top performers.

  • What are the best practices to identify high performers effectively and how do you encourage them to stay with your company?
  • How often should you increase the compensation of high performers (and by how much)?
  • What are the best non-salary benefits to include in a retention armoury?
  • How do you truly understand what high performers need?


CY Chan, Head of Talent Engagement and Corporate Social Investment, Hong Kong Broadband Network

Laura Parkes, Vice President HR, Gap

Mabel Wong, Vice President – Human Resources, Lane Crawford


Dr Robert Edmonson, Master Executive Coach, Paradigm21 Group

11:00am   Morning refreshment & networking break
11:30am   Leadership development programs: Turning high performers into excellent leaders
    A successful leadership development program creates a pipeline of effective home-grown leaders who can prepare your organisation for the challenges of the future. 
  • Selecting the right people for a leadership development program – Choosing your high-potential employees
  • How to deliver challenging, real-life development experiences in a cost-effective way
  • Beyond the training room: How to ensure that your new managers apply their learning to managing their teams

Belgin Ertam, Global Organization & Talent Development Director, Senior HR Director for Global Functions, GE


How to improve performance management through employee development


Providing a variety of learning opportunities within a clearly-defined performance management strategy is critical for driving employee growth. This session will explore:

  • How to shift performance management discussions toward employee development and coaching
  • Ways to encourage individual career growth through customisation and engagement
  • Tips for initiating conversations about building skills and experience, career planning, and networking

Mark Chan, Regional Director, ASEAN & HK, Cornerstone OnDemand

12:45pm   Networking lunch
1:45pm   Compensation strategy masterclass

From senior-level executives down to upcoming talent, employee compensation is one of the most crucial areas in HR strategy today.

  • Executive compensation schemes in a fast-changing and complex environment
  • Reward strategy to retain key talent
  • Integrating HRIS and analytics into reward – some learnings from our journey so far

Justin Liu, Regional Director, Compensation & Benefits and HR Head, AXA Asia Regional Office / AXA Asia

2:30pm Attracting and retaining employees for the organisation of the future

This session examines the critical factors that attract the best people to your organisation.

  • How do these talent magnets differ for candidates in Hong Kong to the rest of the world?
  • Where should HR be focusing their efforts to empower employees to drive engagement and performance?
  • How can organisations understand how to meet these challenges

Deirdre Lander, Director - Data, Surveys and Technology, Willis Towers Watson Hong Kong

Daniel Sherrington, Regional Director APAC, OC Tanner

3:15pm   Afternoon refreshment & networking break

Embracing paradoxical thinking for leadership success


In a digital world where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) present constant challenges, leaders must learn to effectively manage complex and contradictory workplace situations. Adopting a paradoxical leadership style can help leaders to address tensions (paradoxes) to demonstrate strategic agility.  

  • Defining VUCA leadership and a paradoxical leadership style
  • Five paradoxical leadership practices
  • Tips on handling workplace conflict
  • Mapping paradoxical leadership competencies

Kevin Tan, International Business Director, Harrison Assessments


PANEL: What is the future of the employee appraisal? 


The appraisal meeting has traditionally been the cornerstone of best-practice performance management processes for many years. Over the last few years, many high-profile companies have replaced appraisals with different forms of feedback methods, including coaching, 360-degree review and previews.

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of traditional style appraisals?
  • What are the alternatives to traditional appraisal meetings?
  • How deeply should the HR professional be involved in the appraisal process?


Belgin Ertam, Global Organization & Talent Development Director, Senior HR Director for Global Functions, GE

Maria Hui, HR Director, Microsoft

Justin Liu, Regional Director, Compensation & Benefits and HR Head, AXA Asia Regional Office / AXA Asia


Dr Robert Edmonson, Master Executive Coach, Paradigm21 Group

5:00pm   Conference concludes


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