Tam Trang Nguyen

Global Head of Human Resources, Unilever International / Head of Human Resources, Unilever Asia,

Trang is currently Global Head of Human Resources for Unilever International (UI). She also takes on a dual role as Head of Human Resources for Unilever Asia Private Limited. Currently based in Singapore, Trang has a long-standing career in Unilever, possessing over 20 years of deep experience, having worked in several markets and holding multiple global, regional and country roles. Over her wide-spanning career, Trang has worked on large-scale projects and change management programs such as Future HR for Unilever, Digital Transformation for HR, and Open Talent Economy.

As Global Head of Human Resources for UI, Trang breathed new life into the UI by introducing a well-crafted People’s Agenda which looked at multiple facets, including diversity & inclusion, creating a talent pool and developing a leadership pipeline with a strong focus on compassionate leadership, and building a driven, high-performing UI culture. Together with her team, Trang has been pushing to build best-in-class workplace and environment in order to bring the best out of the business and its people by empowering them to realize their full potential. Trang also launched several initiatives to equip and enable the organization and its people to have future-fit capabilities, and as testament to her success, UI emerged as a successful business with double digit growth, and even clinching the prestigious 2019 Unilever CEO Compass Award.

Trang is a solid business leader who possesses an incredible sense of business acumen given her years of experience business-partnering a wide spectrum of functions, deep immersion into business cycles, and maintaining positive relationships and engagements with other business leaders. Trang is also a champion of embracing human-centered leadership to support and grow the community and people. With strong business insights, Trang has demonstrated her capability to craft impactful HR strategies which align with business objectives, deliver these strategies to bring about optimal value to the organization, and shape the organization to become future-fit while prioritizing and putting people at its core.

Trang has many strengths and qualities of a leader, and her achievements are a testament to her fervent passion for talent development. She treasures brands and people, both of which she believes are the two most valuable assets of the organization. Trang also enjoys seeing employees grow professionally alongside the growth of the business. Trang has been living her passion and purpose through multiple initiatives such as Talent Development Framework, Leaders grow Leaders, Leadership Localization, and networking to parachute hundreds of Asian talents onto the international stage.

Trang has a deep passion to inspire and develop Asian talents, as well as the wider HR community. She has been a guest speaker in many HR forums, particularly in the South East Asia region and in Vietnam. Trang is also a mentor and coach for several senior HR professionals.

Beyond the realms of the office, Trang also regularly contributes to and plays an important role in external communities to support the growth and development of the HR Professional Community, Youths and Young Leaders, and Women in Leadership.

Trang is happily married with two lovely daughters. Outside of work, Trang loves to explore new places and create experiences with her family. In her free time, Trang loves to bring and bond people together over good food and drinks.