Katie Birch

Director of Sales, Indeed

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Katie moved to Singapore in 2015 to lead the commercial team for a Specialist Digital geolocation advertising company.

Motivated by the value of individual and team empowerment, support and trust, Katie’s experience in driving development across diverse teams has brought success to both the people she leads and the businesses they contribute to.

Katie comes with over 20 years of commercial experience including coaching, sales and management with both local and remote teams.

Her extensive experience in advertising solutions across Mobile, Digital, Out of Home and Radio create the opportunity to support her team in the development of holistic strategies to deliver goal determined outcomes for clients and businesses alike.

Katie prides herself on recruiting talent with matching, new or transferable skills that create a continual learning culture for all members of the team and empowering them with the experience and tools they need to be high achievers in their field.