Karan Grewal

Senior International Learning and Development Manager, Go-Jek (formerly from foodpanda)

Karan is the Senior International Learning and Development Manager for Go-Jek and was previously theRegional Head of Talent Development for foodpanda. He was an associate trainer for SIM Professional Development and aACTA certified bi-lingual corporate facilitator and trainer with a passion for developing talent. He has over 9 years of L&D experience and has worked with diverse teams in different industries across Asia and Europe. He is fluent in English and Hindi and can deliver his solutions in both languages seamlessly.  Karan also has the ability to transformcomplicated concepts into easy to understand applications. 

Coming from years of working in the L&D industry, Karanis competent at leveraging educational theories/methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful training programmes while integrating instructional technology to provide onsite and virtual training. He shares his experience and knowledge in topics like the SIM Toolkit, Change Management, Developing Business Plans, Presentation skills, Strategic Marketing, Implementing Strategy and Managing Change, and Human Resource Management.

Karan graduated with merit from the University of Birmingham with a Master of Business Administration. He holds a Bachelor of Media Communication with distinction from RMIT University, a Professional Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), and accreditations in various personality profiling tools like DiSC and Workplace Big 5

His knowledge and experience has helped him to work effectively with clients across Asia and Europe including Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Maldives, Philippines, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany.  

His interactive and engaging style impacts and inspires his clients to learn and have fun simultaneouslyHe is generous in transferring knowledge to those willing to learn and he is dedicated to helping teams achieve their common goals together with an amazing ability to assure and motivate them. He bridges learning gaps easily with his nurturing nature and treats people at all levels with great respect. 

Karan has kept up with the best in the professional facilitation and training industry through his involvement with SIM Professional Development. He is also an active member of the Institute of Adult Learning (IAL).