Carli Phillips

Carli Phillips

Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Corporate Wellbeing Hub

Carli Phillips BHSc, MBA

Carli is a Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Speaker, Mental Health First Aider and Nutritionist.

Combining 20 years of Health & Wellbeing expertise with Wellbeing lead roles in multi-national corporations, Carli is an expert in corporate wellbeing. With a Degree in Health Science and a Masters in Business, Carli has conducted extensive research into mental health strategic planning and corporate wellbeing.

At Corporate Wellbeing Hub, Carli creates end to end customised Wellbeing programs for workplaces,built on thesuccess criteria she uncovered in her Master’s research. Carli presents the latest health science research along with practical strategies and action plans for everyday busy people.

Carli’s practicalan honestapproach to wellbeing, comes from herown experience of burning out as a parent, partner,employeeandbusiness owner. Sharing her life tips withrealisticstrategies,provides a unique action plan for every attendeeto walk away with.