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The Gap Partnership is the global negotiation specialist, trusted by over 350 of the Fortune 500 corporations. Since 1997, we specialise exclusively in negotiation: we have studied it, dissected it, analysed it and most importantly we apply our expertise daily. It is the business discipline we are passionate about.

All our consultants are negotiation practitioners; all have real-world commercial and negotiation experience.

The Gap Partnership partners with corporations from all industry sectors across the globe. Our upskilling programs are designed to teach participants how to shift focus from single aspect negotiations towards multiple, complex propositions that focus on the total value of any deal. We are able to demonstrate how behaviour drives decision making and how adopting appropriate behaviours can transform relationships and build trust.

We create the world’s best negotiators through our unique negotiation development programs delivering sustained behaviour change as well as through our consulting proposition.

Our specialist negotiation practitioners partner with our Clients around the world to ensure they provide the very best advice, development and support in negotiation processes, strategy development and real-life execution. 

We believe in, and support, continuous embedded learning and development. Our development programs are designed to create sustained behavioural shifts equipping Clients and their organisations with their skills, tools and support strategies appropriate to their business needs.

We measure ourselves through the success of our clients. We guarantee a ten-fold return on investment for all our development programs. As such we have developed a robust set of evaluation tools that enable Clients to qualify and quantify the return on investment.


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