HR Transformation Stream

Thursday, 3 October 2019

8:15am Registration opens

Opening remarks from the Chairperson

Lawrence Lee - Founder & CEO, Add Courage


Workshop 1: Game changing trends in HCM technology (and how to make them work for your organisation)

Human Capital Management (HCM) has been deeply studied for many decades. However, the past few years have seen rapid technology changes and emergence of new disruptive business models, at rates never seen before. These changes pose important questions for both HR and business leaders as past models/frameworks may no longer be effective in the new world.

In this session, Dean will explore:

  • The key to achieving measurable, outcome-based HCM implementations that directly align to their business performance objectives
  • How AI functions can recognise standard practices for capabilities across industries and business models
  • How new technology can provide HCM methodology-as-a-service
  • How the user experience is being redefined by technology
  • The role of changing organisation design

Dean Seiff – Senior Director for Customer Success, Synchrony Global – A Rizing HCM Company


Workshop 2: Identifying the skills gap for the future of work

Emerging technologies are disrupting the way we live and work today. Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, driverless cars and robotised workspaces are now a reality, changing the industries we know and affecting the skills needed in the future. Aside from technical skills, human interaction and soft skills are going to be as important as hard skills in the near future. This session will discuss how we can prepare ourselves for a better future of work.

  • How will emerging technologies affect the future of jobs?
  • Comparing the skills required to be successful today vs. the future
  • How will learning and development change in future workplaces?
  • Understanding concerns about radical technologies

Amin Neghavati - Assistant Director - Digital, British Council

10:10am Morning refreshments and networking break

Workshop 3: Using the science of personality to improve organisational outcomes

Personality assessments have become a significant part of the leadership application process, however few HR professionals understand the science behind the latest assessments. This session will provide an overview of commonly used measures of personality and discuss the importance of using contemporary science to maximise the impact that personality assessments can have to improve key organisational outcomes such as turnover, productivity, culture match and leadership.

  • Understanding how contemporary science enhances personality assessments
  • Introducing a new model of personality for the prediction of job performance
  • Identifying derailing behaviours in the workplace

Dr Paul Englert - Managing Director, OPRA Psychology Group


Workshop 4: From compliance to collaboration: The journey for organisations and leadership in the digital age

The digital age promises bigger, better, and faster across every organisation however the reality is different; digitisation will have social, human and environmental costs. Technology and data cannot replace human values – there is a key role for the future human, at work and at play. How can we value ourselves in the future and what are the implications for HR leaders in tomorrow’s digital world?

  • The need to create, share, and demonstrate judgement
  • How will inter-competence© replace atomised, individual competence?
  • How to maintain the human side in HR in the post-digital age

Dr Robert Coles - Chief Executive Officer, Roffey Park Institute


Workshop 5: Building a workforce ready for digital transformation

Senior business leaders agree that digital transformation is changing the nature of work and are looking to HR leaders to develop the digital expertise they need. As heads of HR try to realize the promise of digitalization, many are confronting widening skills gaps in their workforce. This session will discuss that contrary to conventional wisdom, this is not just about technological skills, but is about cultivating the full range of skills, from the creative to the complex cognitive capabilities that the future workforce will need.

  • Identify the skills required to achieve digital transformation
  • Harness new approaches to developing skills that respond to the rapidly evolving needs of digital business
  • Engage experiential techniques to empower staff across all levels of the business to deliver on the promise of digital transformation

Vicky Knight - Associate Dean – International Programmes, BPP

12:40pm Networking lunch

Workshop 6: Understanding employee motivating factors to drive performance

Research has shown a shift in what motivates employees to succeed in their role. What were once "good-to-have" benefits are now essential for today's employee. How are HR teams supporting this change within the workforce?

  • Comparing generational shifts in wants and needs
  • How do you identify which benefits and rewards motivate employees?
  • Using data to analyse employee behaviour and trends

Brandon Lew - VP - Human Resources, T-Systems Singapore


Workshop 7: Leading with employee experience

Designing meaningful employee journeys by focusing on moments that matter creates a positive employee experience. This session will discuss how to transform the employee experience.

  • How do you identify moments that matter to employees
  • How organising around the client is crucial to driving a great employee experience
  • Transforming HR with the employee at the centre

Laura Cole - Head of HR Transformation, Standard Chartered Bank

2:40pm Afternoon refreshments and networking break

Workshop 8: Enabling collaboration through LEGO® Serious Play®

LEGO® Serious Play® is a proven and well-researched methodology created by the LEGO® group that aims to enhance creative thinking and improve communication between team members and leaders.  Lim Kim Pong, CEO and Founder of StrengthsAsia and a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator will introduce the LEGO® Serious Play® framework in this interactive session and share how it can help organisations and teams solve complex problems, explore ideas and achieve key objectives.  

  • How to enable teams to think three-dimensionally to articulate complex issues and find real-time solutions
  • How to tap into creativity to solve challenges at work
  • Understanding the methodology behind LEGO® Serious Play®

Lim Kim Pong - CEO & Founder, StrengthsAsia

3:40pm Workshops conclude


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