Virtual - 10th June 2021

9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Peter Wood

Founder/Director, Partners in Change

9:10 am
9:15 am

PANEL: Shaping the future of work

The past year has accelerated our path to the future of work. After a year of constant change, what’s in store for 2022 and beyond? Where do we want to go? And how will we get there?

  • Practical HR lessons from the COVID-era
  • The future of flexibility, HR technology and virtual employee engagement
  • How are corporates, SMEs and not-for-profits planning workspaces for the future?
  • Current trends in HR technology and virtual working
  • What skills will be most important as our workforce continue to evolve?


Charles Hamilton Ferguson

General Manager, Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners


Eugene Loh

Global Head, Human Resources, Swire Pacific Offshore

Kellie Twigge

VP People & Culture, BP

Hefen Wong

Director, Development & Organisation Transformation, Government Technology Agency of Singapore

Deborah Woollard

Vice President, Global Leadership and Team Development, Cisco

10:00 am

People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View

More than a year into the pandemic, how are workers coping, how are employers reopening, and how have accelerated trends changed work and the workplace? Join this session and get a first-hand glimpse of fresh research from ADP Research Institute across four local markets: China, India and Australia including Singapore. This exclusive report will focus on:

  • How the workforce has changed over the past year
  • The strong expectations of future change in terms of work flexibility
  • The development of skill sets and the ways they approach work
John Antos

Vice President Strategy, Global Payroll & Asia Pacific, ADP

10:30 am

Workshop: Leveraging Talent Intelligence to gain competitive advantage in talent acquisition

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the talent landscape immeasurably. Companies have adapted to changes in customer behaviour and their leaders now need to manage new business models, rapid digital transformation and remote teams. Leadership development and hiring new talent to transform the organisation is a key priority. However, local talent pools are under pressure from competitors hiring remote workers, governments restricting foreign worker visas and the shifting career-seeking behaviours of candidates. Traditional hiring strategies are no longer as effective.

Innovative companies are combining talent analytics with primary insights to gain a distinct competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Join us in this workshop to find out how!

Helen Coult

Director, Asia Pacific, Armstrong Craven

Agnes Goh

VP Talent Acquisition SAPMENA, L’Oreal

10:50 am

Workshop: Future-proof your workforce for the post-pandemic era

The Covid pandemic has created a once in a generation acceleration in the pace and speed of business transformation. How can HR leaders leverage their approach to L&D to support their organisational strategy and deliver the capabilities needed to survive and thrive in an era of disruption?

  • Explore the critical importance of L&D in future-proofing your workforce
  • Build a capabilities approach to identify your key skills gaps and learning priorities
  • Maximise the impact of your L&D with new approaches to learning
  • Reimagine the role of L&D in delivering business strategy
Vicky Knight

Associate Dean – International Programmes, BPP University School of Business

11:10 am
11:25 am

Successfully managing virtual teams

How can managers motivate and inspire employees when they can’t be with them all the time? And how can they promote connection and creativity within their teams? Join us for a deep dive into managing and motivating remote teams.

  • How to cultivate a strong and cohesive team culture in a virtual setting
  • Building trust and accountability among remote team members
  • Tips for improving communication and collaboration
  • Gamification mechanisms to keep employees engaged virtually
  • Promoting team spirit and collaboration with virtual strategies
Fong Tuan Chen

Country HR & General Affairs Director, Samsung Electronics

11:55 am
12:00 pm

PANEL: HR strategies to build flexibility, adaptability, and agility

An agile workforce enables organisations to respond to external market shifts. In this panel, we will hear from organisations who have embraced agility as part of their day-to-day operations.

  • Reallocating people quickly to where their skills are needed
  • Re-shaping organisational structures to become more agile, leaner and more efficient
  • Helping your workforce to do more without burning out
  • Managing your workforce when the future is unclear
  • Linking employee goals to business priorities while maintaining a strong element of flexibility
  • Updating global workforce remobilisation strategies


Joanne Pavia

Regional Sales Director, SIRVA


Dr. Jan Knocke

Head of Talent Mobility APAC, Schaeffler (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Bala Subramaniam

Director - Group Talent Management & Development, Singtel

Natalie Wright

Group HR Director, CÉ LA VI

12:40 pm
1:20 pm

Leveraging HR technology to drive employee engagement

This is HR’s moment to lead organisations in navigating the future of HR technology.  In this session, Linda will share the tech platforms Coda is using to motivate and manage their workforce.

  • Sustaining employee engagement in today’s remote work context
  • Current trends in HR tech and virtual employee engagement
  • Using HR data to measure engagement and applying changes based on insights
Linda Lee

Director of People Operations, Coda Payments

1:55 pm

PANEL: Building a strong employee experience and culture virtually

One of the biggest challenges of remote working is fostering culture, social cohesion and trust. How can HR teams help people to feel emotionally connected with their organisation's vision in a virtual setting?

  • Cultivating cultural and social cohesion with a remote and digital workforce
  • Risk management: How to ensure that employees are acting ethically when they are at home
  • Practical strategies to help employees to feel connected to your brand
  • Helping virtual employees to share information with each other virtually
  • Virtual events and virtual team building – what works and what doesn’t work?


Peter Wood

Founder/Director, Partners in Change


Peter Goh

Managing Director, Human Resource & Organisation, GIC

Tatsuo Hidaka

Head of People and Culture Lab, Rakuten

Judit Hordai

Head of People, Singapore, foodpanda

Ione Ozaeta-Mundin

Southeast Asia Talent Management Lead, Mondelēz International

2:35 pm

Workshop: The future of work is flexible: Ascender’s practical guide for business leaders

Organisations everywhere have had to adopt flexible work practices very quickly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses have struggled, and others are thriving in the pandemic thanks to agile implementation of strategic initiatives to help sustain business growth.

Join this session along with other corporate leaders to find out how to strengthen business resilience and manage a hybrid workforce across APJ, and hear from Inna Wahlberg, General Manager of Asia Services, and Krishna Ramalingam, Head of Account Management at Ascender, who will share their practical experiences navigating the new normal so far.

Krishna Ramalingam

Head of Account Management, Asia Services, Ascender

Inna Wahlberg

General Manager, Asia Services, Ascender

2:55 pm

Workshop: Vulnerability – a powerful tool to break down stigma

How do we lead our teams when we are all in the midst of a crisis?

  • The real check-in
  • Role modelling top down and ground up
  • Selfcare strategies for leaders and teams
Carli Phillips

Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Corporate Wellbeing Hub

3:15 pm
3:25 pm

CASE STUDY: Evidence-based employee health and wellbeing strategies

The stresses from the changing business environment have given new importance to workplace health and wellness. Here is how one company is helping their employees with their wellbeing.

  • The importance of health, wellbeing, and mental health in the new normal
  • The link between employee health, wellbeing and engagement
  • Delivering health and wellbeing programs in a virtual and hybrid format
  • How to drive a culture of wellbeing in an organisation
  • How to measure ROI on health and wellbeing programs and practices
Tamara Zeina Hassan

Director, Human Resources, Asia, Mars

4:00 pm

Leading people in a world of perpetual change

How can HR leaders cultivate a sense of stability and certainty in in their workforces, while the world is still shaped by factors we can’t predict or control?

  • HR-led change management strategies for an uncertain world
  • How to set targets and measure output in the new post-pandemic era
  • Negotiating the tension between wellbeing and productivity
Sonya Brown

Senior Vice President Talent & Culture, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Accor Asia Pacific

4:30 pm
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