PANEL: How to promote mental well-being in the workplace

Jul 8, 2020

2:40 pm

30 minutes

Research has shown an increase in reported mental health issues among employees over the years and continues to rise due to COVID-19. Companies are now shifting their priority towards employee well-being during this time of uncertainty. In this session, hear from some of the nation’s top employers on the steps they are taking to improve employee well-being. 

  • Proven strategies and programs that support employee well-being 
  • Developing resources to manage mental health and stressrelated concerns for a remote workforce  
  • Integrating mental health support within employee health benefits  
  • How to create a culture of well-being and support through online communities 
  • Promoting awareness and overcoming social stigma associated with mental health 
  • Katie Birch

    Director of Sales


  • Dr. Zoë Fortune


    City Mental Health Alliance HK

  • Rashmi Sharma

    Global Learning & Wellbeing Lead - South East Asia & ANZ


  • Helen Snowball

    Chief HR Officer, Asia Pacific


  • Suki Tiwana

    Head of Colleague & Labour Relations, Asia Pacific

    American Express

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