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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

8:15am Registration opens

Opening remarks from the Chairperson


Integrating company values into recruitment strategies

Research is showing a relation between shared values and organisational performance.  Many academics suggest that values will increase in importance in the organisations of tomorrow as current generations look for work which is meaningful rather than just well-paid.  Join Anisa to learn about the research and theory behind aligning individual and organisational values in the recruitment process and how this practice can positively impact your company's bottom line.

  • Current research and theories on values
  • The difference between espoused, enacted and individual values
  • The impact individual values have on organisational performance
  • Generational differences in values

Anisa Zulfiqar, Business Development Manager, Asia, Pearson APAC


Building leadership capacity through Integral Coaching

How can your leaders become more aware, more engaged, more confident and more fulfilled? Integral Coaching is about deep development and profound change and, at the British Council, it’s an approach we use to grow leaders in our client organisations.

  • Key features of the Integral Coaching approach
  • Case study: Using Integral Coaching to develop a leader
  • Experiencing an embodied leadership practice

Alan Wilson, Assistant Director, Professional Development Centre, British Council

10:15am Morning refreshment and networking break

Transforming learning and development culture through video

While the use of online video outside the workplace continues to rise, many organisations rely on traditional forms of media which may affect employees' productivity and engagement. How can organisations effectively use video to communicate and share knowledge in the workplace?

  • The use of video in organizations beyond straightforward training and recruitment
  • Innovative, scalable and cost-effective solutions that tackle some of the most common L&D and HR challenges
  • Real-world examples of the role video can play in transforming company cultureReal-world examples of the role video can play in transforming company culture

Elle Hosek, General Manager, Asia - Panopto


Driving low effort, high impact HR

Drawing on insights from APAC’s largest HR Transformation Study, this session will discuss how to build agile HR organizations that are equipped to help business navigate changes effectively.

  • Identifying APAC trends in HR transformation
  • How to simplify HR processes to allow a strategic focus
  • Focusing on outcomes, employee experience and analytics to create business impact in HR

Vikrant Khanna, Leader, HR Transformation Advisory (Asia Pacific), Alight Solutions


CASE STUDY: Enhancing leadership effectiveness to drive company transformation

Leadership development is often seen as an end in itself but not as often a means to bring about company transformation. Effective leadership can be a huge source of competitive advantage and strengthening the inner capacity of an organisation to effectively deal with the complex challenges, both internally and externally.

  • Creating a strong business case for a strategic investment in leadership development
  • Developing and sustaining a leadership development architecture aligned to business goals
  • Making choices on investment in a difficult business environment
  • Sustaining, tracking and recognising the benefits of a common leadership architecture
  • Challenges and lessons from implementing leadership development strategy

Dhanesh Gupte, Regional Head of People & Organisation Development, Syngenta

12:45pm Networking lunch

Understanding disruption in HR using a holistic approach

Change is not only constant but also exponential in its pace and scope. Disruption to business leads to a shift in skills requirements and thus, disruption to the experience overall. How can HR effectively lead and respond to constant change?

  • Defining disruption and identifying the driving forces behind
  • Perceived risk vs. enormous opportunity
  • How best to embrace disruption

Roland Muller, Managing Consultant, Greenwich Consulting & Coaching


How can mobile photography principles help you attract and engage millennials?

With millennials expected to make up more than 50% of the global workforce by 2020, it’s important to understand how to attract, engage, and retain employees in this demographic. How do you better connect with them? What can mobile photography teach you about millennial engagement?

  • Identifying the core drivers of millennials
  • Tips on using mobile photography and translating it into millennial attraction and engagement lessons
  • Learn about mobile photography while drawing inspirations on working with millennials

Sam Neo, Founder and Chief People Officer, People Mentality

3:00pm Afternoon refreshment and networking break

How to become a future-ready leader

The definition of a leader has evolved over time in response to the current changes and needs today. How can we develop ourselves to demonstrate transformational leadership?

  • Defining transformational and disruptive leadership
  • Comparing leadership in the past vs. the present
  • What will leadership be like 10-15 years from now?

Ng Yong Hwee, Senior Director, Emerge Consulting

4:15pm Workshops conclude


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